RLCS Winter Major Preview

RLCS Winter Major Preview


Each group plays a round-robin (each teams plays each team once) in a best-of-5 series.

The top three from each group move on to a double-elimination bracket.

The winner of each group is placed in the upper bracket, while 2nd and 3rd spots start in the lower bracket.

The first two stages of the lower bracket are best-of-5, with everything else best-of-7.

If the team from the lower bracket wins the Grand Finals, it triggers a bracket reset, and a final best-of-7 series will be played for the championship.

Group A

I'm expecting the NA titan Faze Clan or the blazing-hot, flip resetting, cheese-loving Team Queso to advance to the Upper bracket.

Good luck, Detonator. 🤷🏻‍♂️ They'll be lucky to take a game from any of the three.

Group B

NRG better not show up to this Major dragging their feet. While they'll almost certainly be the top team advancing, Team Endpoint is entering this one hot off a runner-up finish in the EU Regional 3.

Give me NRG, Endpoint, and Renegades.

Group C

BDS won the Fall Major, but they've cooled off a bit since then. Still, when you have two of the top 10 players in the world, it's hard to not see them bouncing back when it matters most.

I'm predicting either G2 or BDS claim the top spot, but keep an eye out for Evil Geniuses. They played well in a 4th place finish in EU Regional 3 two weeks ago.

Team Secret is my 4th team, but if any of the other three teams slow down even a little, Team Secret advances easy.

Group D

Keep an eye out for Sandrock...Ahmad will be back, and they'll have the full roster at a major for the first time.

In spite of that, I'm predicting Daniel will come into his own and lead Spacestation to the top spot, with Sandrock closely behind, followed by Dignitas.

What do you think?

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